Sirius/XM Channel Demos

Flow created 5 original Talk Channels
for Sirius and 2 Foreign Language for XM.
These are short excepts of the demos.


Political Commercials

The example is the winning campaign for Gray Davis for Governor of California 1998 for clients Working Assets’ P.A.C.. Flow Communications was given “Choice” and the two key issues, Reproductive Rights and Gun Control, as the theme. We hired the talent, created the 60 second message, and placed the buy on targets radio stations in key markets across the state.

Patelco Credit Union Radio Commercials

When CBS Radio needed a place for client, Patelco, to record a commercial campaign in a studio big enough to accommodate Actors and in-house, 2nd line creative, they turned to Flow Communications. With Polarity Post’s Studio 5 at our location, and Senior Engineer Eduardo Mendoza, we made Patelco’s team feel at home, giving them the best possible sound capture for their project. The quality audio results are self-evident.

Radio Show Demos

We’ve created demos for radio shows,
For third parties as well as our own programs.
An excerpt of a pilot radio show companion for
B In Tune, an in-school magazine, is heard,
along with our own syndicated Classic Rock program,
and a local Bay Area Sports Talk Radio show demo.

Lefty O’Douls Drink Mix Radio Campaign

Flow Communications negotiated and placed the commercial schedule on Clear Channel’s AM radio stations San Francisco in conjunction with client Bovis Foods LLC sponsorship of the Will & Willie Show. We provided the copy and this commercial was produced and voiced by Mark VanGelder at Clear Channel San Francisco.

Monster Musician Podcast

In 2005, Guitarists Craig Chaquico (Jefferson Starship) and Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) were on the Monster Artists Roster. During a separate interview, Billy Gibbons consented to being in the demo program of a Podshow with Craig Chaquico as the host. Flow used the magic of editing to seamlessly create a conversation between these two great musicians.