2015 Voices of Latin Rock Autism Awareness Concert

10th Annual Voices of Latin Rock Autism Awareness Concert.  Designed as a TV :30, with another, longer video to be produced closer to the concert date. Worked so well, the concert sold out with it embedded in a few email blasts and a very modest amount of Social Media Marketing.  With Adam Bell of dataTV using nothing more than the poster art file, pictures of artists to create the movement, we create an integrated media marketing tool within a “user friendly” budget. The Voiceover provides the story board. It’s live on our Facebook Page.

The Will & Willie Show December 2013 Video

California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Willie Brown’s successor as San Francisco’s Mayor, joined us for a very insightful and laugh filled segment on Government’s antiquated tech systems, taped at our live location at the World Famous Gold Dust Lounge @ Fisherman’s Wharf.

In 2013, Flow Communications inked a deal to partner with MySourceTV.com to produce the video of our on-location Will & Willie Shows with renowned Political Comedian Will Durst and Political Icon Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., who also served as Speaker of the California State Assembly. My Source TV produces a variety of entertaining, intelligent programs, available from their website, that contain expert advice and thought-provoking insight. In 2006, Flow Communications launched the Will and Willie Show as a radio morning program for Clear Channel’s Talk Radio Station 960AM in San Francisco. Will and Willie returned as a Podcast in 2007, and quickly added Video. In 2010, it once again began airing on 960 AM, adding Talk 910 and KOFY TV20 to the “Tri-cast” the following year. With My Source TV, we’re producing the program monthly, transforming the Gold Dust Lounge on Fisherman’s Wharf into a studio, performing the show in from of a live audience. The schedules of our hosts, the booking of guests, set up on location, programming pre & post production and social media promotion are all coordinated to create each episode.

Voices of Latin Rock Annual Autism Benefit 2013 Digital Marketing Video

Concert Promoter Latin Rock Inc. once again retained Flow Communications to create a web advertisement for the Voices of Latin Rock Annual Autism Benefit 2013. With three shows at three separate locations the ad effectively communicated all the information while keeping within a short time span.  Creating the ad with DataTV.com adding motion to images taken from the poster art for the show, promo photos of the band and graphics, the video was produced in sync with the voice-over and music clips of the bands and artists to tell the story.

Ringling Brothers Promotional Video

With our video production partner, MySourceTV.com, we transformed a simple interview with the Circus’ Ringmaster into a beautifully edited “Infomercial” for their Bay Area performances, complete with “B” Roll.

We scheduled an interview between Ringling Brother’s Ringmaster before one of the shows with Willie Brown and his daughter. Unfortunately, schedule conflicts caused a change in plans. This is an example of how we work, nimble and quick. Michael Butler, partner in MySourceTV.com brought his daughter with him to the Circus, along with his HD camera. We arranged for logos and “B” roll to be sent to him. The only instruction Flow’s Executive Producer Paul Wells gave him was to have Ringmaster Andre McClain do an Intro to the Will and Willie Show, and keep the camera on the subject. The rest was his excellent creativity. This is the kind of result we can create for our Sponsors, who not only get the publicity of being on the show, and a pre-roll TV :30 and radio :30, but also a longer video they can repurpose as a viral video.

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation 30 Second TV Commercial

This commercial had to be produced within a short turn around, as it was going to be inserted in the Will & Willie Show on both Radio and TV, with Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation as the sponsor. An attempt to shoot a Q&A between Gary Bauer, Will Durst and Willie Brown inside one of Bauer’s Buses, with no set up to light the Bus’ dark interior, left us with nothing but footage of the driver greeting them outside the door. Improvising creatively, we combined the audio from the radio commercial with the few seconds of available footage and added motion to static images of the Bauer’s IT Fleet. The result was that Flow Communications delivered a TV Commercial that brings life to the clients message with optical flow.

Gregg Rolie Digital Marketing Concert Video

Most people know the bands Santana and Journey, but few that Gregg Rolie was a founding member, Keyboardist and Vocalist of both. He now resides in Austin, TX and was returning to the SF Bay Area to play a series of intimate shows, accompanied by Austin Blues Guitarist Alan Haynes. The call came in within a few weeks of the tour, as only a couple of handfuls of tickets had been purchased. This viral marketing video reenforced the Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer’s place in history, with a personal invitation from him. With low cost rendering of text and photos with motion graphics, this video was embedded in email blasts and shared on social media. All three shows went from handfuls of tickets to Sold Out!

WereYouExperienced.com Website Demo

The client came to us with an idea for a website dedicated to the 60′s and 70′s Rock Era, combining culture and commerce. This project preceded the rise of sites like Concert Vault, eBay, etc. Ahead of the curve on the widespread proliferation of broadband internet access. The Challenge was to make the concept of the website come alive to potential investors. This is a shortened version of the entire project which gives you the experience of the user interface. An example of Audio-driven Rich Media, where the soundtrack creates the story board.  Flash was in it’s early stages (Version 4), and we pushed the technical envelope that not just stretched it’s capacity, but broke it.  So effectively, that Macromedia (Later acquired by Adobe) added Adam Bell, our DataTV.com design partner, as a Beta Tester on updates and future versions.

EarthDaySF 2013 30 Sec Commercial

Paul Wells of Flow Communications did pro-bono work as the Government & Media Liaison for the Non-Profit Earth Day Event to be held in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza.  Paul also served as the MC. Lining up TV 20 as a sponsor, the :30 Public Service Announcement ran on both of their TV Channel. Paul assisted Video Producer Andre Champagne with the PSA’s production, writing and voicing the :30 second spot with a youthful and urgent delivery. Paul also arranged for California State Senator Mark Leno to deliver a Proclamations on stage.

Woodstock Flashback Video of Radio Feature

Our radio features, hosted by Woodstock MC Wavy Gravy were syndicated by CBS Radio Networks on the 25th Anniversary in 1994.  With exclusive interview content, and actualities recorded at the legendary “3 Days of Peace and Music,” we produced 24 short-form radio features, with room for a sponsorship billboard intro and commercial insert.  In 1999, the owners of woodstock.com were looking for new and exciting ways to promote their site in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary Concert.  We were contracted to create visualizations of them for the Internet.  YouTube did not yet exist, and broadband hadn’t reached the tipping point.  This example includes the game questions created to allow for load-in times.