Ringling Brothers Promotional Video

With our video production partner, MySourceTV.com, we transformed a simple interview with the Circus’ Ringmaster into a beautifully edited “Infomercial” for their Bay Area performances, complete with “B” Roll.

We scheduled an interview between Ringling Brother’s Ringmaster before one of the shows with Willie Brown and his daughter. Unfortunately, schedule conflicts caused a change in plans. This is an example of how we work, nimble and quick. Michael Butler, partner in MySourceTV.com brought his daughter with him to the Circus, along with his HD camera. We arranged for logos and “B” roll to be sent to him. The only instruction Flow’s Executive Producer Paul Wells gave him was to have Ringmaster Andre McClain do an Intro to the Will and Willie Show, and keep the camera on the subject. The rest was his excellent creativity. This is the kind of result we can create for our Sponsors, who not only get the publicity of being on the show, and a pre-roll TV :30 and radio :30, but also a longer video they can repurpose as a viral video.