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Paul "Lobster" Wells started out as a small child. Not just copying the title of a Bill Cosby comedy album, that was paraphrased by Steve Martin, here... Mr. Wells actually had a desktop radio station before there was "Desktop!". From ages 10-12, on Friday nights in The Bronx, he and his friends would gather and do radio with two turntables and a microphone, and a little mixing board, built into an anvil jeweler's case that fit on his desk in his bedroom in Parkchester, the World's first modern Housing Project. This rig was plugged into a Wollensack tape recorder. Some tapes of what was imaginatively called WKDO Radio still exist. Paul went to college to become a Veterinarian, but as Freshman, his life took a turn when he joined the campus radio station. His understanding of media and advertising would grow, in addition to his already well-developed love of music, while attending the City University of New York for four years (becoming Chief Announcer at the campus radio station, WCCR) and Stanford University, where he did radio and taught student DJs as "post-graduate" work. Paul would later found Flow Communications as an Ad Agency with some KZSU, Stanford friends. He rose to become Music Director of KSJO, San Jose in the late '70s and Morning Man at KNAC, Los Angeles when it went "Heavy Metal" in 1986. Returning to the Bay Area, "The Lobster Breakfast" on KSJO, CBS' KRQR San Francisco and K-FOX. Paul then became Director of Marketing and Production at BMP, working on House of Blues radio programs as well as creating and selling new programming concepts. Paul went on to become Director of Programming for Information Network Radio and Creative Director of KBZS, 1220AM. The company owned the radio station and had 5 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio and 2 foreign language stations for XM. The pre-launch contracts became mute when the services were delayed. At that time, 2002, Paul moved Flow Communications to 69 Green Street, in San Francisco's Media Gulch. The building is home to state-of-the-art digital audio post-production studios, including the only Dolby certified Pro Tools studio in San Francisco. As Lobster, Paul still performs weekly on 97.7FM, The River, "Classic Rock for the North Bay." Also, Mr. Wells teamed up Political Comedian Will Durst and Political Icon Willie L. Brown Jr. for a morning talk show in 2005. It is now a "Tri-Cast" which airs on both Radio and Television, and is archived on the Internet at Flow Communications and are poised to create the best Integrated Media Content for a wide range of clients. In his spare time, Mr. Wells is an avid Scuba Diver, Bicyclist and Dog and Cat Whisperer.

From right to left., Comedian Will Durst, Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Producer/Moderator Paul Wells

Craig Chaquico’s Jefferson Starship Red Octopus 40th Anniversary Tour

We know and love Craig’s guitar playing for decades.  A career that includes a founding member, lead guitarist and songwriter of one of the most successful rock bands of all time. Craig was with the band from it’s beginning with Grace Slick, Marty Balin and Paul Kantner, right through the Mickey Thomas days. A second, successful, award winning and million selling career as a Guitar Instrumentalist in the New Age / Smooth Jazz followed. Now Craig and his band perform a fusion of both, with an exciting vocalist, Shae Johnson, who has the voice to cover the lead singing parts of Grace, Marty and Mickey and a stage presence equal to any.  Fans of Craig Chaquico and Jefferson Starship will love the combination of the two.  That is the message of this marketing video.

2015 Voices of Latin Rock Autism Awareness Concert

10th Annual Voices of Latin Rock Autism Awareness Concert.  Designed as a TV :30, with another, longer video to be produced closer to the concert date. Worked so well, the concert sold out with it embedded in a few email blasts and a very modest amount of Social Media Marketing.  With Adam Bell of dataTV using nothing more than the poster art file, pictures of artists to create the movement, we create an integrated media marketing tool within a “user friendly” budget. The Voiceover provides the story board. It’s live on our Facebook Page.

Marketing Helper

Audio Helper

As Director of Marketing and Production for BMP, Paul Wells was tasked with creating a “Production Director in a Box” service for Talk Radio Stations.

A demo was produced for the concept, and United Stations picked up the weekly distribution.  A catchy name was needed.  While grocery shopping, Paul spotted a box of Hamburger Helper, and visualized the name and marketing design, executed by the United Stations team. This same concept has been “echoed” in a recent print campaign for Geico.

The Will and Willie April 2014 Show is now at

The newest Will and Willie show with Will Durst and Willie Brown, plus guests Rich Lieberman and Pete McCloskey, is streaming at,  24/7 in 4 TV segments and two Radio half-hours.

Controversial 415 Media Blogger Rich Lieberman defends his online correspondence. Pete McCloskey tells you how Earth Day started and how he and Willie made someone a multi-millionaire by helping to get the first casino in Atlantic City, NJ. And all Pete got was a “lousy briefcase” that Willie gave him. Neither of them got any participation in the lucrative casino deal. The guy who walked away rich served with Pete in The Marines. Hoo Rah!

Screenshot 2014-04-29 11.28.38

The Will and Willie Show returns Tuesday April 22nd at The Gold Dust Lounge


Join us for the live taping of The Will and Willie show on Tuesday, April 22nd (Earth Day) at The Gold Dust Lounge at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Our program stars Political Icon Willie Brown and Political Comedian Will Durst. The show will be streamed on iHeartRadio live, on 960 The Patriot from 6-7 pm Sunday April 27th and on KSCO at 7AM in Santa Cruz. The video version will be archived at and on

Our guests will be former Congressman and Co-founder of the official recognition of Earth Day Pete McCloskey and 415 Media’s Rich Lieberman, TV, Radio, and Internet Blogger.

Ethical Naturals Trade Show Ad

ENI Trade Show Posters

These were large format graphics done for the company’s trade show booth. Ethical Naturals manufactures ingredients for the nutritional supplement and beverage industries.

Chevron University

Chevron University

The cover of a capabilities brochure for Chevron’s training facility, which they call Chevron University.

Why is the San Francisco Side of the Bay Bridge now named after Willie Brown?

IMG_1426Paul Wells, Holly Bratt, Willie Brown & Don Solem

The Dedication Ceremony was at Treasure Island, site of the 1939 World’s Fair in California, on February 11th, 2014.  Rather than explain the myriad of reasons that the first Black Speaker of the California State Assembly, the first Black Mayor of San Francisco, and Political Icon Willie L. Brown, Jr.  has been so honored, let us direct you to the Video of the Flow Communications produced Will and Willie Show, March Episode, Part 1.  The subject is discussed, and the voice mail message from old friend and fellow African-American Pioneer, Bill Cosby, is heard for the first time outside of those hundreds of people, Civil Rights Leaders who knew Willie Brown as a young man, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and other dignitaries were in attendance.–Q