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2015 Voices of Latin Rock Autism Awareness Concert

10th Annual Voices of Latin Rock Autism Awareness Concert.  Designed as a TV :30, with another, longer video to be produced closer to the concert date. Worked so well, the concert sold out with it embedded in a few email blasts and a very modest amount of Social Media Marketing.  With Adam Bell of dataTV using nothing more than the poster art file, pictures of artists to create the movement, we create an integrated media marketing tool within a “user friendly” budget. The Voiceover provides the story board. It’s live on our Facebook Page.

Voices of Latin Rock Annual Autism Benefit 2013 Digital Marketing Video

Concert Promoter Latin Rock Inc. once again retained Flow Communications to create a web advertisement for the Voices of Latin Rock Annual Autism Benefit 2013. With three shows at three separate locations the ad effectively communicated all the information while keeping within a short time span.  Creating the ad with DataTV.com adding motion to images taken from the poster art for the show, promo photos of the band and graphics, the video was produced in sync with the voice-over and music clips of the bands and artists to tell the story.