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WereYouExperienced.com Website Demo

The client came to us with an idea for a website dedicated to the 60′s and 70′s Rock Era, combining culture and commerce. This project preceded the rise of sites like Concert Vault, eBay, etc. Ahead of the curve on the widespread proliferation of broadband internet access. The Challenge was to make the concept of the website come alive to potential investors. This is a shortened version of the entire project which gives you the experience of the user interface. An example of Audio-driven Rich Media, where the soundtrack creates the story board.  Flash was in it’s early stages (Version 4), and we pushed the technical envelope that not just stretched it’s capacity, but broke it.  So effectively, that Macromedia (Later acquired by Adobe) added Adam Bell, our DataTV.com design partner, as a Beta Tester on updates and future versions.